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The Mid-Atlantic Business Intermediaries Association, Inc. (MABIA) formed in 2003 as the Alliance Brokers Network and later changed its name to the Mid-Atlantic Business Brokers Association. Upon the merger in February, 2007 with the Washington-Baltimore Business Brokers Association (WBBA) which was established in 1987, MABBA became MABIA.

MABIA is not only for profit corporation as well as cooperative Association. MABIA is only a sanctioned offshoot of the National and International Business Brokers Association.

MABIA was formed for following purposes:

  • To give a discussion to those occupied with the offer of organizations in our district
  • To encourage members to adhere to the principals of the MABIA Code of Ethics
  • To support the sharing of your business opportunities along wirh its individuals
  • To elevate maintain as well as improve a educational standard of its membership
  • To create and additionally give a more extensive and more dynamic business sector for your global business opportunities
  • To serve the purchasers and dealers and to serve the more prominent enthusiasm for to people in general

MABIA's enlistment is included both are Regular Members; capable your Business Brokers, Business Intermediaries, and Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors and Associate Members; united specialists, for instance, Banks, Business Appraisers, CPA's, Lawyers, Consultant your Financial Intermediaries, and Trade Publishers.